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  • what the Chris can you email me on ans i need to tell you somthin but it will not le me post, i need to tell you befor monday
  • can i add that i cant post on anny think uless it is buplik this meag is for
  • I lost one then man tactical squad in the fist tun. In That game.
  • I like the story but I only have 40k. I also don't have the numbers of modals to make on 30k unit.
  • But I though you knew that it was agreed that the Tyranid (1500) mach was the only one that apocalypse units where allowed? And i did not wont to sound mean by saying it any way. and that is way i did not tack my Guard.
  • Thank you for the answer from my question, and we did no agree on him taking the Imperial Guard Baneblade.
  • i can not make it Wednesday it will have to be tomorrow that I see him. Any way i have seen him every time i have been any way.
  • I was taking to some on the board (I think that is what that group is called) about having a game of bolt action, so can some tell him that i will be there tomorrow to see if i like it as a game, thank you.
  • I was in a game that I was told not to bring apocalypse units to but my opponents did so me and my allies had nothing that could touch it. Good game, I have looked over the rules and on saving rolls and I interpret it as you either get one save fro…
  • Does any one have the latest grey knight rules (codex) as I would like to have a look at them as a force, more out of curiosity.
  • well how about not even built or arrived stuff?
  • I would love to join in with the league but I need to finish my blood angels to have a slight chance of not being mullered, or I wouldn't have the minimum requirements to play.
  • I can let you borrow my space wolf, 7th edition codex if you wont
  • Which Wednesday, the 3rd or the 10th?
  • Hi everyone, I went to gaming night last night for the first time and met some great people. Thank you for making me welcome. I have lived in the area for a year and I'm hoping to find anyone who would join me in a game of 40k. I have a partial bloo…