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Magic the gathering

I am pretty new to the game, been playing duel of the planes walkers for a while, but just got into the real version.

So if anybody fancies a couple of games against a newbie and showing me a few points/tips at deck building, let me know!



  • I Will give you afew games and tips when you next up?

  • don't worry paul i'll be bringing my 9 decks every week :)
  • cheers guys.On late shift next week so dont think I will there but week after should be ok, will bring a deck and some extra cards to make an other deck. be good to get some magic games going quick to play and its easy to bring a deck to club
  • Just picked up some new MTG stuff and fancy a few games tonight if anyone fancies a few games with a beginner? I want to get more MTG played at club

    Gonna bring down all my cards as I am hopeless at deck construction so if anyone can help me out that would be great:)

  • If you drop by the shop, I'll happily help on deck construction :)  I wasn't UK #3 ranked player for nothing. (And no, I'll never shut up about it...)

    Also, if you ever get up to 8 regular players, come talk to me about sanctioning tournaments. I have the exclusive ability to do that in scarborough, and I'm sure I can dig you out some prizes, and organise bits and bobs for you. (I have some lovely cloth banners I'll donate...)
  • I know for a fact we have 8 people who play magic, it's just a case of getting us all together and having a chat with each other! It would be nice for us all to get together and have a little tournament. If you play magic post below and I'll take names down and start some plans.

  • Cheers for the offer of deck construction I will try and pop down to the shop and get some pointers:)

    Spence  and alot last night and its a real art form making up a working deck that isnt toss!

    I would love to get more magic played more often and will certainly me bring my card collection down more often to swap and get advice as I am a bit of a noob (on old one at that!)

  • I am always up for a game of MTG and was hoping more folks at club would start playing more often:)

  • If your friday evenings are free, I have regulars down to play at the store :)
  • Friday can be tricky and am very much a beginner so propbably would fare to well against vets and seasoned players:) but will try and pop down att some point for some advice and tips ion deckbuilding

    Thanks again

  • I'm sure I can round you up some idiots to play :P The difficult bit will be rounding them up without letting on that I think they're idiots...

    In truth, the thing I've always felt with magic, (as with many games, in fact) is that its impossible to get better without losing to better players.

    Working out why you lost and learning how to not repeat it will teach you 100x more than knowing why you won. :)
  • Am yet to win a game at the moment!

    dont mind losing as its all part of the learning curve, just seem to be up against good players with great decks that wipe the floor with me inthe 1st couple of terns:(

  • George says he will give you a game tonight before/after LOTR. He's bringing a simple starter deck which should be mixed blah blah...
  • not sure I have space if I am bring my LOTR stuff tonight?

    will try put a deck together in time for tonight

  • @Paul:

    That sounds like its your decks problem, not yours. If someone is killing you before turn... 6? You're either playing legacy (in which case, learn a lesson on why legacy isn't a good plan) or your deck just cannot handle theirs.
  • Think we are just playing casual? I try and stick to standard as it seems fairer than other formats.

    The deck in question was a fungus deck and stomped all over me and another beginner, just took the fun out of it!

    I just picked up alot of new cards so I need to learn how to construct better and more competative decks

  • Fungus deck. Thallids I suspect?

    They're a "modern" deck at best, possibly "legacy" which means old and powerful cards, or older and even more powerful cards :P

    The deck also sounds very constructed (assuming I'm guessing what it is correctly), because 90% of the cards will need to be specific for it to work. Its like a creature combo deck...

    A "standard" deck is one made of cards from the last two years (roughly).

    This article will explain the formats a bit better:

    Do note that they've renamed and changed the formats slightly since it was written.

    Anyway, as I said before, if you're struggling, drop in the store and chat to me. I'll give you a crash course.
  • edited December 2012
    The problem you had Paul against that deck was the fact it was the person you were playing against. Being a power gamer that opponent isn't the best person to learn against as his only goal in a game is to destroy the other player as quickly as possible; this is fair enough when playing against other gamers like that but not fair when your opponent is learning. I played the same deck that you played against and by any means i didn't get stomped (needless to say it was nearly a victory for me) however, I found playing that game excessively boring, because of that players style of play. Find another person who is also learning the rules or someone who doesn't always play to win (like me). I play because i love constructing decks and trying out new combos; I'm by no means a beginner and I know how to construct a decent competitive deck, but I'm not bothered about destroying the opponent, i would rather have a heated battle where it could go either way at any moment!

    Hope this clears your head about it! Bring your cards down tonight and we'll beat seven shades of s**t out of each other!

  • yeah it  was a boring game and didnt really enjoy it or even learn anything from it.

    I put a black deck together and fancy giving it a try as I am still working out deck contruction and how best to achieve the best results.

    Cant make tonight so will have to be thursday and will pop into the shop for some tips soon

  • Hi there i'll be bringing in my magic the gathering tonight as i'm really fancying a few games. Hopefully someone else will bring some along!
  • Just picked up some magic bargins at space myth so am looking forward to some games in the next few weeks, may pop in tonight for a game if anyone is playing or thursday after the meeting:)
  • I'll be playing on thursday, I'm desperate for a game!
  • cou t me in for a fair few games on thusday then:)
    still getting to grips with deck construction but the only way to learn is to keep playing!
  • yup well I can help you along i love constructing decks!
  • good few games on thursday, must get more magic games at club, could do with having a look at the cards that john donated to you too:)
  • I'll be bringing far more decks down with me tonight so ill give you a few games again!
  • I am up for a few games. Trying to see if I can get a game of AoA as thursdays club is shut but sure I can fit a game or 2 in!
  • Anybody up for a few games tonight? kindly got some new cards off john at space myth so am itching to get back onto magic. Got a bit of advice on my deck building so looking forward to contructing whilst getting my ass Kicked!
  • Looking for some magic players to have a few games with next week as the only way to get better is to play and lose!
    Post here if your interested:)
    I am a bit dissappointed with the lack of players at club and magic seems to be in the minority a bit compared to the other card games played.
    Its a great game and easy to pick up, lets get more MTG at SGS!
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