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2nd ed drop pods

I don't particularly like the rules in Citadel Journal, so I've written these. All I need now is a Drop Pod...

DROP POD 50 Points

The Space Marine army must include the Master of the Forge or Techmarine in order to have a Drop Pod.

To deploy the Drop Pod the player must choose before the battle which turn he wishes it to arrive, which may be any turn after the first. It will most likely have been launched before the battle even starts. At the beginning of the specified turn, at the same time that charges are declared, place the Drop Pod anywhere on the table. The area chosen must be clear, and free of any models or substantial terrain (anything which would count as hard cover). Roll the Scatter and Artillery dice, and consult the following table:

Arrow/ Number: Deviate the Drop Pod the number of inches shown in the direction shown
Hit/ Number: The Drop Pod lands on target.
Arrow/ Misfire: Delay. The Drop Pod doesn't arrive this turn, try again next turn.
Hit/ Misfire: There is a malfunction and the Pod comes in too fast. The impact destroys the Pod and everyone on board, and any model within 3” suffers as if hit by a heavy flamer.

Any model hit by a deviating Drop Pod will take a hit using the normal collision/ ramming rules.

Once the Drop Pod lands the doors automatically blow open, any infantry model in the way must roll equal to or under their Initiative to jump out of the way or suffer a S4 hit, with no saving throw modifier. Transported models may then move as normal, but count as moving for firing heavy weapons.

If you wish the transported models to charge, this must be declared at the same time at the Drop Pod is placed.

Enemy models on overwatch may declare they are shooting at the Drop Pod as it plummets to the ground. It counts as a large, very fast target, so shooters suffer -1 in total.

MOVEMENT Nil once landed.

RAM VALUE Strength: 8, 2d12 Damage, -5 Save
(Armour Penetration d6+2d12+8)


TRANSPORT 12 Space Marines in Power Armour.

One Storm Bolter with a 360° field or fire.
The Storm Bolter may be replaced with a Deathwind Missile Launcher for 10 points, which has the following profile:

Range: Short 0 - 6 / Long 6 - 12
Strength: 5
Damage: 1
Save Modifier: -2
Armour Penetration: 1d6+5
Special: Sustained fire 1 dice, 2" blast.

Armour Values: Closed 22 / Open 16


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