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New rules for 40k2e

edited February 2015 in Wargames
Finally found citadel journals 10 & 11 ( with the experimental vehicle rules, would love to try them out. Basically gives all vehicles the same stat line as normal troops, so the Predator tank would be
M 12, BS 0, WS 0, S 7, T 7, W 10, I 0, A 0, Ld 0, Save 3+ (on 2d6, like terminators)
Also had a lovely turning circle which Spartan Games found a use for...

Also rules for picking off exposed crew members, opening hatches, wrecking tracks and wheels...


  • Are there explosion rules for when a tank runs out of wounds?
  • edited February 2015
    Yes. For each wound a vehicle takes you roll a d6, each 6 indicates catastrophic damage. Roll once to see what kind of damage:
    1-3 Aaaagh! - hit on random crew
    4-5 Burn! - catches fire
    6 Kaboom! - model explodes

    Interestingly it says this can be used on all models, but only vehicles are affected by aaagh or burn. Head-shot a Greater Daemon you say? Consider it done :-)

    Also, it says you can choose to roll the sustained fire dice before or after rolling to hit, with rolling them before being classed as 'full auto'....
  • Pete Haines drew up these for Tactical Marines:

    SPECIAL RULES- Boltgun Drill
    Tactical Marines armed with Boltguns may use the following skills. Other Marines in the same squad not armed with Boltguns may shoot normally. These skills may not be combined with the Rapid Fire skill, and the normal choosing a target and cover rules still apply.

    -Skirmish Fire Drill
    The squad may fire when hidden and only become detected rather than spotted.

    - Suppressive Fire Drill
    If the squad remains stationary it may fire at targets that are hidden or detected. Hidden models may only be targeted if they were visible in the terrain currently concealing them during their last move.
    Suppressive Fire is made at the start of the movement phase after charges are declared but before models are moved, preceeding overwatch fire.

    - Fire Charge Drill
    When the squad charges, each model may fire one shot at one of his melee opponents if they have moved into base-to-base contact. The shot is worked out at the beginning of the hand-to-hand combat phase (before Digi-weapons, Mandiblasters etc) and suffers a -1 modifier. If the target is killed then the Marine may make a follow-up move and fight in close combat as normal.

    Alternatively, the squad may shoot after running with a -1 to hit modifier.

    - Reflex Fire Drill
    If the squad is charged it may fire at the attackers as if it were on overwatch (with a -1 to hit modifier)
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