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Eldar for Sale

edited October 2013 in Trade and Sell
I have decided to sell my not so beloved Eldar. For me they are too squishy. (Plus they're filthy Xenos!)

If anyone is interested for sale there is the following.

10 dire avengers, 3 jetbikes, 3 war walkers, 1 wraithlord, 1 falcon, 1 wave serpent, 10 dark reapers, 8 fire dragons, 5 warp spiders, 1 farseer, 1 autarch, and the new Eldar codex.

For all of this I am looking for £65. (£40 for the stuff I got off Tom which is what I paid, £5 for the farseer i bought myself and £20 for the codex I bought myself.) Most of it is painted to a tabletop standard by Tom with only a couple of models unpainted.
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