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Bolt action campaign rules

let me know what everyone thinks and who is up for this?

when i have numbers i will plot you on the map and we can get going the more the merrier

Bolt Action 1st Campaign Rules
Africa map
The Rules
Start date – 1st of July 2015
Turns – 5
Length of turns – 1 month
Starting territories – 1 home country and one other
Army size – 1000, 750, 500 points give or take 50 points
Lists – reinforced platoons.

Turn sequences – All Players make there move. You have one use it wisely. Use your assigned colour and colour in your movements.( excuse the nature of the way we plot movement its just easier than creating a map each turn. There will be a rubber handy for when you crush your foes.

– Any players that meet in a country must fight
– Anyone that has a territory attacked must fight
– Anyone who attacks another players country must fight
– Once all/any battles are completed colour in the relevant countries that have been taken/ lost

The Other Rules
Nation- seeing as the majority of the club own Africa themed forces I thought id be nice and use an Africa map. If you wish to claim Madagascar you may. If Madagascar is held by someone and you wish to attack it. you must attack on a beach table please ask for these rules. I cant be arsed to type them but I can print a copy from battleground Europe if required.

Movement- You can only move your forces into an adjacent country and must move one country per turn

Army – You are classed as having forces in each territory you control, however you are only allowed to move one army per turn so in turn 2 if you control 3 territories and you wish to attack an adjacent territory that is your turn complete (apart from possibly defending attacked locations)

Forces – Your army counts as being in each country/territory. you must can use 1000,750,500 point lists. Decide with your opponent

Home country – Can be taken by anyone. If you lose all your countries you must do a coastal assault in the next turn.

Attacking unclaimed territories - If you choose to move a force into any unclaimed territory then you count as automatically winning that and it becoming yours.

Draws – If someone attacks a country and the game ends as a draw the defender wins and the attacker backs off to where they came from. If it is a battle for a neutral land and its a draw both armies go back to original attack points with nobody claiming the land.

Inactive players – If a player is not actively playing his games or making an attempt to organise his games then after a while the round will be called to an end and he will lose any attacked countries and automatically lose to a player that attacked

- Players may make alliances. Alliances must be declared at the start of a turn. If they want to end an alliance they must declare so at the start of the next turn. Maximum 2 players per alliance. They add no bonuses other than they can move through your countries.
– If you have an alliance with someone you can freely move through their country in only one move without attacking them. Therefore as an example, if i need to attack someone who is on the other side of an allied country i can do this in 1 move as my allies would assist me in anyway they could.

– If more than two armies attack the same country then they all must fight in one battle consisting of all involved.
– Any countries that are allied that attack the same country cannot fight the one person 2 on 1. This will involve more than 1 battle for the same country.
Example- both would take individual turns against that country….the defending player would have to fight both of them. The player with the biggest victory wins that country.

How each round will work:
1- round beginning is called by chris (sarnie89)
2- submit your orders/movements….draw them on map
4- you see troop movements and battles you must fight on map
5- arrange your battles (via game arranging & forum/ facebooks
6- fight the battles. submit outcome to the map.

There will be a turn chart. Please use it. Its so we can monitor who has moved etc

The campaign ends at the end of 5 months/turns we may have to cut short some of them or condense turns due to problems/ personal commitments/ club events. We will just have to see.

At the end of the campaign add up your scores as below.

1 point for every country conquered. Easy……… simple….hooray!

In the event of tie….well you suck !and must battle it out with your fellow winner on a standard table with a 1000 point list whilst playing maximum attrition.

Each round will have a twist. As below.

1.All games are 500 points. Too encourage new players
2.“R and R” your platoon commanders on his hols. And he has a replacement. You may only take inexperienced hq units.
3.“The rainy season” No vehicles can run! Its just to damn muddy. No armour 9+ vehicles
4..Battered. You have been at war a while now. Before a battle roll off with your opponent the looser can only roll reserves on at 7+ as appose to the usual 8+ “because to be honest lieutenant we cant be bothered”
5. The war is closing to an end. Standard games no twists! Go get um!

Terrain generator. If players wish they may roll a die and consult the chart below before a battle is fought. If not sling some terrain about and crack on!

1.Desert. Very sparse terrain. Min 4 hills. 2 buildings and 4 trees.
2.Village. Min 4 building. 2 hills 5 trees and 6 hedges/walls
3.City. Min 8 buildings. 1 hill. No trees. 8 hedges/ walls
4.River. 1 river obviously. Min 2 hills. 6 trees. 1 building .1 bridge
5.Outpost. 2 buildings in middle of table. Min 6 hedges/ walls must touch building. 6 trees. 2 hills
6.Killing ground all terrain must be 12 inch along each table edge and must be divided evenly between players 2 buildings. 6 hedges/walls 8 trees.

let me know please guys. i know a few people are interested if you feel there is any rules that need changing let me know im still ironing out the kinks.


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