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Bolt Action Tournament 21 May

edited May 2015 in Wargames
Sorry for the late post on this guys but there were some small details to iron out with Warlord games on this one.

However the date for the bolt action tournament is Thursday May 21st and the format is as follows.
Armies will be capped at 500 points and game time at 60 mins max.
Each round will consist of 3 games played against randomly selected players.
Points will be issued as 3 per win, 1 per draw and 0 for a loss.

Top 4 scorers will go through to day 2 to be held on the following Thursday with the same format as day 1. All players must be present at 7pm, players not present will forfeit the right to play in the tournament. The only banned item for this tournament will be flamethrower equipped vehicles.

You must register your intent to play either in this thread or to me in person by Monday May 18th and all army lists must also be received by this date.



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