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40k armies for sale

Selling two armies for 40k, both are worth over £450. I'm looking to get £150 per army.
Here's the details:


Latest Codex
Commander x2 ( both are FW models but one is converted)
Crisis suits x3
Steatlh suits x6
Broadsides x3 ( older version)
Riptides x2
Hammerhead x1
Devilfish x1
x24 firewarriors with pulse rifles ( 2 full squads)
x9 firewarriors with pulse carbines (used to proxy pathfinders)
x15 Pathfinders
x1 sniper drone team
Plus various drones.

Space Wolves

Latest Codex
1 Lone wolf terminator
Terminators x12
Grey Hunters x40
15 Longfangs
Wolf Lord on thunderwolf ( Canis model with a Shield and claw)
Metal Ragnar
Metal Ulrik
Metal Rune Priest
Metal Njal in Terminator armour
1 Razorback (with alternative rhino hatch)
2 Landspeeders
1 Land Raider Crusader
1 Caestus Assault Ram
Custom built Dreadnought

Open to offers/trades etc. Any questions reply here or drop me a private message.

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