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What's the new version like?
I've not seen it played to be honest, and I'm still fond of Orks, but are GW still churning out the bent stuff to strip mine the hobby for cash?


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    On that subject, I've got a 2nd ed Ork codex going free to a good home. I cut the wargear cards out 20 years ago, but it's ok otherwise. Any takers?
  • Despite what you might hear, I actually can enjoy 7e!

    On balance issues, the game is practically written for scenario or narrative play rather than comp. As such army lists are incredibly flexible and taking say 500 points from 3 codexes is legit.

    If you use the latest objective rules the game isn't about killing but capturing points which move about! Orks can do really well in maelstrom missions.

    Naturally the big kits are amazing, gorkanauts, knights, bameblades etc.

    I've enjoyed the games of 7e I've played.

    My main negative about the system is that it is now more complex than Rogue Trader! Some rules confuse me like blast templates effect every floor of say a 10 story building. Other rules are easily forgotten because it's become such a large monolithic book of rules exceptions.

    Although I'm unlikely to buy any of the newer stuff, I can really enjoy small battles of 7e.

  • Haven't yet actually played 7th edition, so can't give an honest opinion. If it was a popular game at the club I might, but I can't justify buying into it. There's quite an Oldhammer vibe growing online, which I'm finding far more interesting at the moment!
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    mind if I have a look at that Ork Codex Chris? See what I'm of a mind for.
    It's not the main rule book that worries me, though that super complex issue raises an eye brow, but rather the codices. If they're still just churning out bent rules, then the game is no less busted...
  • Every game can be bent and busted that the nature of our hobby.
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    True, but some are more prone than others, I'm just pondering 40k again.
    I just don't want to make the same mistake I made with Warmachine and throw a ton of cash at it only to find what I didn't like about it last time is exactly what I won't like this time...
  • Are you selling your Warmachine stuff?
  • I keep starting, but I love the warjack models too much... how crazy is that?
    If you're interested I could part with at least some of my mercs. You already have Khador don't you?
  • Are you selling the gun mages?
  • yeah, go on then,
    they normally retail just over £20 for the mages, plus £5ish for the officer...
    So for you, £20 and you can have the officer for free :)
  • Okay you have a deal.When do you want paying?
  • You about Thursday? I'll chuck in a pint as well :)
  • What was it you didn't like about 40k last time? How long ago was it you last played?
  • It was the codices,
    It was things like chaos lords who gave their Raptors 3+ cover saves, terminators who could deep strike and assault in the same turn with 3+ invulnerable saves and a string of S5 AP2 attacks, Tau who could not only do the stand and fire thing, but could also get their neighbors to join in and use up all their marker lights at the same time, eldar sweeping across the board to assault on turn 1, Leman Russ with a gun firing with 10 dice or three plasma cannon templates... etc, etc...
    Every new codex brought bigger death stars and stinkier cheese to the table in a steady escalation that just ruined it for me. Harked back to the dark days of hero-hammer...
  • Hero Hammer wasn't that bad, the players just hadn't mastered the system!
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    We're getting a bit off topic here.
    Not here to reminisce unfondly over 4th edition fantasy,
    How are the new Codices?
  • I love this version of 7th Ed and though there are codex balance issues (when has there not been) it still plays fine assault is tough going as you can't do all that crazy stuff you mentioned before assaulting turn one and from deep strike is all gone now. Also the Tac cards add a random element to the game that stops people sitting in the back and shooting all game lol :)
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