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X-Wing Escalation Tournament NOW 20/27th



  • I'd like to thank all the competitors for taking a chance with my Escalation format event. It was a blast to run and exciting to see each squad develop. Everyone brought their A game and I saw some creative lists battle it out. Since everyone had a great time I'll organise another one for a few months time.

    Due to incredible sportsmanship in the final round Strutty sacrificed 5pts and a top 3 position. The final scores are below.

    #1 15pts Blacky 368
    #2 15pts Mellor 333
    #3 13pts Simon 348
    #4 10pts Strutty 271
    #5 10pts Mike 146
    #6 5pts Jamie 221
    #7 5pts Wookie 215
    #8 0pts [NAME REDACTED!]

    Next up will be another Destruction Derby and I'm also looking forward to doing some scenario play.
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