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(29th October) WarMachine Tournament

edited September 2014 in General
Our next Tabletop tournament has been decided!


Tournament will be on the 29th of October, starting at 7pm, 25 points and one list (Please have this prepared before the night)

More details will follow once I have them


  • cool never done this before so defo interested.
  • I haven't played warmachine in a while is this a starter set size game?
  • The starter boxes are less than 15pts, stuff from two player boxes fall just short of 25 i think.
  • I know the Khador half of the two player box weighs in at 20 points, and pointing up from memory (which rarely works that well for me admittedly) the Menoth half is 21,
  • Pretty sure the hordes box is around the same, though at 25pts and only one list I expect a skew list will win as there's not enough points and/or variety to bring all the tools most folk would want t help with those hard match ups.

    There is an official privateer press event/tournament pack released every year ( steamroller) It really should be used IMO.
  • I know cyriss starter is 16 points excluding warjack points from caster if that helps.
  • Jim is this cancelled? Not had any more info.
  • edited September 2014
    I'm trying to post but whenever I do I'm getting a 403 forbidden error

    edit: Apart from then apparently, will try breaking it up
  • Sorry I've been afk this week due to work and house issues.

    Yes I agree with the Steamroller rule set:

    But I will stick at 25 points, this gives us a base round time of 50 minutes (+ or - 15 min, see rule 4 below) and a turn time of 5 minutes

    For a quick overview of the wall of text in the document above:

    1) All player require a copy of their list, a second list can be brought but must be of the same faction as the first. Also the same characters, or units with FA C, cannot be in both lists

    2) The first round pairings are randomly selected between all competitors, subsequent round pairings are based on how many points players have so far, so you'll be matched against someone on the same victory points or as close as but following a few restrictions:

    • No player can play the same player twice

    • No player can have more than one bye in a tournament

    In the case of a bye, the player gets the victory point for that round, but as stated above that can only happen once per player

    3) All players play the same scenario at exactly the same time(no staggered starts), this is rolled for randomly at the start of each round out of a selection of 12 and is unknown up until that point:

    • Destruction

    • Supply and Demand

    • Balance of Power

    • Process of Elimination

    • Close Quaters

    • Two Fronts

    • Incoming

    • Rally Point

    • Incursion

    • Outflank

    • Into the Breach

    • Fire Support

    4) A time-limit for the round is determined, both a d3 and a d6 is thrown, the d3 determines the length of time (d3 x 5 minutes) and the d6 determines if the time is added or removed (1-3 removed, 4-6 added). Thus a 2 on a d3 and a 4 on the d6 would be 10 minutes added (60 min round) while a 1 on on the d3 and a 3 on the d4 would be 5 minutes removed (45 minute round).

    tl;dr: Round time is randomly determined at the start of said round
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    5) There are several ways to end the game:

    • Scenario Victory: A player meets the scenario victory condition, the game immediately ends and the winning player gets the victory point

    • Assassination Victory: When only one player has a Warcaster in play, that player wins the game, if all casters die at the same time, the game ends and is decided with tiebreakers(see rule 6)

    • Time Out: When the round time is over, the TO will call "Dice Down", if a player is currently moving a model or in the middle of a roll, finish that action, but then that turn and the game has ended, the winner is decided by tiebreakers (see rule 6)

    6) Tiebreakers

    Step 1) Count remaining Warcasters, the player with the most remaining Warcasters wins, if both players have the same, go to step 2
    Step 2) Control Point, the player with the most remaining control points wins the game, again if this is a tie go to step 3
    Step 3) Army Points Remaining: This is going to get wordy but we shouldn't get down to this point.

    Both players add up their remaining points on the board (discounting units without a PC, fleeing units, inert warjacks and units with less than 50% of their starting number), using the value printed on the card (even if the list has a bonus discount or the model was created mid game), add 5 for each Warcaster and double the points of non-warcaster units within the areas designated by the scenario

    If this is still a tie, the last resort is step 4

    Step 4) Army Points Destroyed, pretty much the same as step 3 but with destroyed units, the player who has destroyed the most wins, models that are brought back (Such as ones returned using Dark Revival and the like) count for every time you destroy them.

    If this is still a tie, then neither player gets a victory point, you get nothing, you lose, good day sir

  • 7) All victory points are awarded, the winner is the first player to be the only player with the most victory points in the tournament, rounds continue until this point is reached or everyone has played everyone else. For the tournament size we normally get this'll be about 3/4 rounds, give or take so yes the tournament may carry on into next week like our others.

    I believe that covers the basics, I'm sure I've seen a scenario book at the club that could come in very handy, will find it out on Monday for people to look through to see what the objectives entail.
  • wow i did not expect this to be so in depth, i don't think i even have enough experience to play timed game lol never mind the scenarios i doubt i have played them all yet.
  • There's a lot of fluff in there but it's mostly legaleese, actually playing it won't be hard, all you have to worry about is you get an opponent, a scenario and a time frame then go, most of this is technical stuff for me but I'm putting it out here to be open with the rule-set
  • Ok kinda spooked me is all it looked like a ruleset i had to know everything about before playing like a massive prize fund event in London or somat lol.
  • Tim
    edited October 2014
    Jim, you might want to look into using Deathclock, it's much more forgiving for new players (despite the name). It also has the benefit of players not able to exploit the round timer by delaying, not that anyone at the club would do that. The downside is you need chess clocks at each pairing.
  • Do models have to be painted as I really want to try this but may struggle to have them painted beforehand.
  • I have no issue with unpainted minis, but obviously is better if they are

    As for the time concern, as you say Tim I don't believe anyone at the club would resort to such gamesmanship, but I will be keeping an eye out for it, also I sadly don't have a whole lot of chess clocks laying around =)
  • Cool thanks I have a massive backlog of minis to paint so little time to paint them and I have never done this before so want to try :-)
  • When do the lists have to be in for this tournament?
  • The week before is the norm, so we can set up for the night
  • i will bring my lists in on Wednesday this week also up for a game too if possible.
  • This is gonna be next week folks, will be at the club monday and wednesday to collect lists
  • Hi Folks

    I'm afraid that due to the lack of sign-up, there will be no prize paying tournament running tonight, that does not mean there will not be Warmachine games happening. Feel free to bring your armies and have a rumble.

    On top of that due to family matters I won't be attending either, but good games people and have fun, will talk to the rest of the council to look at setting up some alternate tournaments to fill in the gap
  • Thanks for the info i am coming along for a game anyhow :)
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