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40K 2nd Ed

edited August 2014 in General
Thanks for the game Gareth.We will have to have a rematch hopefully my dice will roll a bit better


  • edited August 2014
    *cough* 7th *cough*

    But yeah good games, would like to play again and hopefully bring a more balanced team next time, thanks for the patience teaching =p
  • No probs, me and Gaz had a thought on assisting list building too as with changing editions come a change in list builds and tactics. We would be more than happy to help with this also if folks need advice, however it is a lot easier with the most recent codices to assist in this. I know some have books already but those who don't may need to.

    Would love a mirror fight Ian Chaos vs Chaos would be ace, think u have better models though :)
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