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Minutes of meeting 28/07/2014

edited July 2014 in General
Held at Roscoe's Bar

- The first item was personal hygiene. It was reiterated that, especially in summer, the hall can get very hot and stuffy, and this isn't helped when people don't shower.

- Comic Con. Everyone had a good time, thanks to everyone who came along and helped to make it a good trip.

- Battle on the Beach. This will be held on Sunday 3rd August on the beach somewhere near the Spa. There will be a free barbecue for all club members.

- Items going missing. It is easy to get people's belongings mixed up, but anyone found stealing will be banned for life. If anyone finds something left behind just hand it to any committee member or to the bar staff,

- Election of Tournament Organiser. Jim stood for this position unopposed, and was voted in with 18 votes for and none against. Welcome aboard!

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