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7th Edition (40k)

edited July 2014 in Wargames
Yes I know, lets get it out on the table, measure it up and talk dirty.

From what I hear, 7th seem to have taken a swing back toward 2nd Ed mentality, thus if we ever wanted to hop over to a newer edition now would be a good time, I'm just throwing this discussion out there to see if anyone else was curious about giving 7th a try. Now I'm not saying we throw 2nd out the window, but having 7th as a regular thing at the club would have it's pros as well as cons.

Better for attracting new members to the club, as they're more likely to play the recent edition
Easier to get accessories like templates and psychic cards etc
Models easier to source and more likely to be wysiwyg
Legitimate copies of the rules are more abundant

Re-learning the rules for most people
Would have to stock up again on new templates and psychic cards etc
Higher model count to points (Pro to some, but my 2nd Ed marines just scraping 1500pts would be just on the edge of 1000pts in 7th)
And lets just say...those who may choose not to use the official means to get their rules and codexes may have a harder time getting them

but tl;dr who's interested in 7th and what would we have to do to make it happen?


  • Typically, playing the current version of the game is best for a club. Most players like to use the new gubbinz without having to write their own rules, and its easier to get games with new players and other clubs. I'm just not particularly interested in spending the necessary money!
  • Aye perfectly understandable, I'm guessing money is the big decider on all fronts here
  • To be honest you will struggle to find a opponents, unfortunately people are not that interested in the new edition because of money, time and other factors. It's a shame but the truth!
  • I would happily give it a try but i dont have the cash to buy a new codex for either my orks or wolves.
    I didnt mind 6th ed its just the constant releases and the need to keep spending kind of foced me out of the game which is a shame as i love the 40k universe:-(
  • It is a shame, I hate to see the game decline because I love setting. I have been playing for 21 years after all :-) But we can separate the models and setting from the rules. There are lots of ways to use the figures we own, be it new 40k rules, old 40k rules, In the Emperor's Name rules, or homebrew rules
  • Have we ever thought of a battle of the editions?
    Between all the players we must have enough resources to make it work?
    I played rogue trader then stopped til 5th so i would like to experience the stuff i missed as well as the new one.
    Just a thought. May not be a practical one though:-)
  • I have 1st through 5th rulebooks plus about 20 codexes, it would be a nice experiment! If anyone has the 6th ed rulebook for sale I'd be interested!
  • I do indeed have the 6th Ed book that I'm no doing anything with Chris, shall bring it on's been a bit kitten nibbled though (cowbag of a cat wants to chew anything nice I bring into the house ¬¬)
  • Another pro for 7th edition is you can use every model you have. Got a Space marine and ork army? you can use them together. Got a Grey Knight army and a Daemon army - yes you can use them together too.
    For those with multiple armies ( which most gamers tend to have) it's great for recycling what you have.
    7th edition is pretty much the ultimate sandbox edition, which ruleswise, is not that far removed from 6th.

    Obviously this can be open to abuse, which is why it's generally assumed ( and mentioned in the rules) you actually communicate to arrange a game first - that way your not shocked when your opponent starts throwing down Titans onto the table.

  • From the games me and Gareth have played mostly using the tactical objectives its a real good balance atm. We dont play unbound as u have to agree it anyhow now so no broken combos. I have enjoyed all my games so far unless the dice decide to hate me lol. If anyone wants to play a game we are happy to help on rules and such like. As for cost a codex only went up just like everything else in the world and you dont have to buy new models if you dont have cash. A lot of my models are old ones especially in my nids.
    I am by no means a gw fanboy but I still enjoy the game alot now more than 6th as they fixed a lot of issues with it in 7th.
    Just my 2 pence :-P
  • If 7th becomes the norm at club them i will have to look into picking a codex .
    But as i have two armies thats £70 i just dont have and cant warrent unless i am able to play more games
  • £70? The codex be £30 each I paid so not sure where u are buying them from lol. I would get afavourite one first then the other later. Like I said I would be happy to help and play new edition games with folks so they can learn etc.
  • Battles between editions would not work too good as statlines have levelled out over the years to account for apocalypse titans etc... I don't think a 2nd ed carnifex should have better stats than a 5.6.7th ed biotitan lol
  • What about a 2nd ed titan?

    I'd like to get into 7th, just don't think I can win any games with my current figures.
  • I still cant warrent 30quid on the off chance it takes off. At the moment i have seen it played twice since it was released and i need a bit more convincing before i invest further.
    I am happy to try it with the codex i own but not sure how many other players would agree to it
  • The problem with that train of thought however is that if folk will only 'play it if it takes off', then it never will, because no ones actively playing. Everyone will just be waiting to see if it gets a foothold.
    It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

    As per using older codex books - the SW one isn't even out yet and the Ork one is still pretty new, anyone complaining should be branded and beaten, just don't expect too much from them.
    The 5th edition wolf codex is still decent and can hold its own against the new books pretty well, even with the loss of JotW, but the old Ork book is outmatched by virtually everything now.
  • I dont see a problem with spending within my means? whats the point of having it sat on a shelf in case someone wants a game?
    I can only warrent spending a fair chunk of cash if I am going to get some use of it, when you only have so much free cash due to boring stuff like a morgage, communting costs etc. I have to try and be savvy with my purchases:)
    I love the 40k universe and enjoy the games I have played but sometimes when it gets too expensive you have to step back and reconsider.
  • Just pointing out that the larger the number of people 'waiting' reduces the chances of it actually being played and the less people playing reduces the chances of more people taking it up.
    How much folks can/can't afford doesn't even come into it.
  • It does come into it
    if you cant afford it...then you cant afford it!
    If you cant afford it at present and prefer to wait until the bank balance looks better then that is up to them.
    I buy what i can with the spare money i have and have to try and get as much use out of it as i can.
    Thats my choice and my opinion.
    But saying that whats people can afford is ignorant to other peoples situation
  • The POINT being made had nothing to do with how much ANY individual could or could not afford but that in ANY club, a game will only take off if people are willing take a risk and get it in the first place, with more people playing the higher the chance of the game becoming popular and regularly played.

    However, hanging around to see if a games gains status generally is detrimental to it's popularity as interest in the game will lose momentum, people will get bored of waiting and will move on to other things.

    Fact. Happens in every club.

    If you've taken my statements as a personal attack Paul ( which you certainly seem to have), that's also your choice, just like it's your choice to buy into a game or not.
    I was just trying making a valid and relevant point, never occurred that I needed to factor in every single individuals financial status and needs.

    Back on topic, referring to the O.P - the only way to get 7th rolling is to convince people to play it more than once or twice.
    You could try for some kind of demo night or small Kill-team type events, for fun and as an introduction, kill team is by far the easiest way to learn most of the core rules.
    Be warned though, now that GW systems have some stiff competition ( warmachine, malifaux,relics etc) you might be in for an uphill struggle.
  • I didnt take it personal.
    What pisssd me off was your blanket assumption of why people havent jumped on the new edition
    Anyway each to their own.... too old for the keyboard warrior crap
  • edited July 2014
    To be honest I think it's just not very popular because people want to play other things. By the way I have a salamander army that I'm painting just for giggles.

  • I don't mind either way folks cos I already play it so if peeps want a game give me or gaz a shout if not no probs each to their own. I play warmachine also but even though that is a popular game these days I find it hard to get a game if noone responds to my posts so dont really make any difference how popular it is. I have had 3 games at club so far but since then no responses. Any ideas?
  • There's been a relatively high turnover of wargaming members in the past 4 months making organising games a challenge. Lots of floating members who drop in on occasion and not as many regulars. For each regular member, I know it least 3 others who attend a few times a month. Like Paul said, since the downfall of GW everyone has got into different games and has to make hard choices with their gaming budget. My money has gone into X-wing, Wargods of Aegyptus and boosting my fantasy.
  • True enough I would love to be more regular but I have a family at home and can't take the piss really. That's the only reason I can't be a regular tbh.
  • Another factor is how gunshy a lot of older 40k players are after the changes they made from 2nd to 3rd edition onwards. I know I am and it makes me very unwilling to invest any further into the newer versions of 40k because of the way they treated both the mechanics and the lore of the game.

    So yeah, GW burning just about all their bridges with their older fanbase has not helped much at all with encouraging people to try out their newer editions of 40k, especialy those with tighter budgets than most who can't realy affor to buy both the rulebooks and the new codex's, even worse for those that might like playing with differant armies.
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm not against anything just because it's new. I bought the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th editions as soon as they came out. Still got them on a shelf. Along with 4 different Chaos codexes, 3 of which are basically the same. And on balance, in my opinion, the 2nd edition remains my favourite. I'll play 7th if I have no choice, because I'd hate to waste the thousands of pounds of figures I've painted, but if I do have a choice then I'll choose 2nd edition ta!
  • Weird how everyone thinks gw is over priced lol it always has being its nothing new. Its not that bad though if u have an army already just buy the codex and and go halfs for the rules if ya cant afford it get a job
  • Gw are on par with most of it competition price wise, the difference being the amount of product needed to play, which is why the seem to be over priced.
  • U can go as big or small as you like if you play for fun then it doesnt matter wat u own. I play 1000 points quite often and there fun games. So do u play man??
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