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X-wing tournament 20th of August

edited July 2014 in Wargames
This tournament will be 100pt's per player epic ship will not be allowed for this event due to time limit's and point value. I would like everybody to have fun at this event and hopefully run it on time starting at 6:30pm game's are limited to 60min round's prize's will first, second and third. army list will need to be hand in the wed before the event this will grantey your place and prize fund. Also all players will be asked to sing the tournament code of conduct before the event as this will be the new polace for all tournament run buy the club. If the winning player’s score is at least 12 points more than his opponent’s score, he receives a Match Win. If both players have the same score, the game ends in a Draw.

Players earn tournament points at the end of each match as follows:
• Match Win = 5 tournament points
• Modified Match Win = 3 tournament points
• Draw = 1 tournament point
• Match Loss = 0 tournament points

the current FAQ can be found here:

thank you


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