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  • Ahh incredible! It's easy to forget how many tanks they've blessed the Imperium with.

    Want to try out the Punisher and Bane Wolf. Upto 5 sustained fire will be fun to play with. Is the Medusa gun a targeted, 3+ to hit auto vehicle damaging weapon? Or does it use Griffin rules? Also have you applied your new points model to the lascannons on the flyers? Found a typo in their damage allocation table- 4-6 Wings.
  • I've a few more to add when I get a minute.
    The Medusa is essentially an Earthshaker, but with a shorter range, 1 shot instead of 2, but slightly higher strength. The auto pen rules are from the Earthshaker, which I'd forgotten about!
  • SimSim
    edited June 2014
    I never liked how the Basilisk is direct fire only, it makes its range almost useless. On the plus side it's a 2" blast - so the Medusa is 2" too?
  • Yes,I've corrected a few typos, and adjusted the valkyrie points. All of these have been pointed by knocking weapons off and adding new ones. How fair that ends up is unknown, some (like the Destroyer) seem cheap.
    How much extra to give the Basilisk indirect fire? +25?
  • The Destroyer seems fair, it's a 1 trick pony like the Vindicator and has limited line of sight. The Conqueror at 143pts might be over costed, even with buffed speed. The battlecannon can in theory take out a greater daemon or tank, the conqueror not so much.

  • The Conqueror is an odd one. It was introduced in 3rd edition when vehicles couldn't move and fire with ordnance weapons. It was unique in that it could fire on the move, because it was a lighter gun. Pointless in 2nd edition, no idea how it fared in 6th or 7th. Making it faster was all I could think of to make it worth taking instead of a standard Russ.
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