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40K Hellbrute weapon choices?

edited April 2014 in Wargames
Almost all the Hellbrutes up for trade or on ebay have a powerfist. In 6e is it better than the Thunder hammer or is that wasted points nowadays?


  • Hellbrutes are just CSM dreadnoughts, most of which ( if any) can't take thunder hammers.
  • It's on the sprue and listed on the site.

    "This plastic kit makes one Helbrute with a massive array of weapon combinations. The left arm can be equipped with a thunder hammer, power scourge, missile launcher or power fist. The right arm has the option to equip a power fist, twin-linked heavy bolter, twin-linked lascannon, reaper autocannon, multi-melta or plasma cannon"

    If it's not in the codex maybe theres a Iron Hands supplement for it. Just noticed it's only got 1 L in its name.
  • Remember that the helbrute kit is relatively new, up until it's release the only one available was the Dark Vengeance one which had one choice of weapons.
    I can't vouch for what options it has in the books ATM but tbh it's better as a weapon platform than a close combatant.

    As for p/fist vs thunder hammer there's not a huge difference. The hammer has concussive but the fist does not. Otherwise they are identical.
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