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Kill team tournament Monday 16th June

edited June 2014 in Wargames
if no one has any objections or and less any one has the rule's for kill team i have found this link not sure weather it is correct having not realy played kill team before so have a look a let us know:

[link removed until club copy is sorted]


  • I have the latest kill team rules if you need them:-)
  • thank's paul i would if it's not a proplem
  • Sounds cool, would be up for that, good couple of months notice I might try paint something different up. Do they use 6th ed points to build the team?
  • going to do a poll it'll 5th or 6th ed
  • I vote same as last time, 6th.
  • Liam's link is the latest kill team rules ( which you might want to remove for legal reasons) for 6th edition 40k.
  • i am up for this :) but will need a few games before hand to get a feel of it! if anyone is willing to show me at some point before the tornie :)
  • Thought they looked familiar!
    Though to be honest i havent actually read them yet:-)
  • I don't have the new IG codex so will probably give this a miss.
  • i have the 6th ed battle build on i table sim if you need to use it
  • Without the new codex Liam I don't know the new special rules :-( The price of codex creep and commercialisation of wargaming I'm afraid.
  • My first draft of rules for 2nd ed, for those interested Team.pdf

    Comments and suggestions welcome
  • It was mentioned last night that we have more 2e players than 6e.
    Looks good Chris, have you considered official rules published in WD such as Necrons?
  • Don't see why not. I don't have them all though!
    Have to check that all armies have access to a decent leadership for bottle checks, and put in that strategy cards aren't used.
  • OK two points to bring up:

    1) OK it has been brought up buy a couple of people that not everybody can get hold of the new codex for special rule's as such to make as faire as possible for all who wish to play we will be using 5th Ed codex and rules so as many people can play as possible.

    2) anybody who is good with design/general spelling as I lack in both area would be willing to put together a couple of certificate I would be very thankful for your help need to set on for kill team and one for vanguard I believe however will double check with jamie

    thank you
  • Just to point out the obvious:

    Point 1 is mostly irrelevant as in kill teams most special rules that apply are in the rulebook.
    Codex specific ones stand as normal eg my 5th Ed space wolves codex still works in 6th Ed as all of the rules are still covered in the main rule book.
    Just because XYZ doesn't have the new hotness doesn't mean there's no other options, like just using a 5th Ed codex or trying something new! for example.

    It didn't seem to be a problem at the last kill team ( and there's been hardly any new codex releases since then) despite other obvious issues.....

    Point 2 - That's why we have a club secretary :p
  • may be true how ever some codex have changed to include special bit I how ever can or can not confirm this and when talking to people they have said they do not mind it be 5th Ed and I'm wanting to make as open to players as possible
  • Are you suggesting we let people choose what edition codex they use rather than enforce the latest version of each book?

    I must admit I don't follow GW releases religiously, but hasn't there been loads of codexes released like Marines, Tyranids, Guard, Inquisition, Sisters, Legion of the Damned, and alt books like Farsight, Crimson Slaughter, Black Legion, Sentinels of Terra, Iyanden etc. I gather the supplemental codexes are legal for Kill Team and include new wargear/rules.

    Liam Chris is the guy to chat to regarding design work and laminating!
  • I don't mind playing 2nd edition if there's more people for that. In fact, I'd rather play that then 5th edition.
  • edited April 2014
    The rules regarding what is and is not legal for a kill team are in the kill team rules. I'm sure Liam can provide a link ( though they're pretty much identical to previous kill team rules).
    It's been a while since I read it but I recall no rule in the BRB or Kill Team pack saying that the latest available Codex must be used. That's more a case of GW store policy.

    Regarding the supplements and codex releases - from memory, yes they are legal as everything contained are already in the parent faction book, they just allow things to be fielded differently, which has no impact in Kill Team games.

    For example the Farsight book let's you field Crisis suits as a troop choice instead of an elite choice - which is irrelevant in kill team as you can field either of those anyway.

    Legion of Doom let's you field an army of just that unit, which is identical to that in the Codex: Space Marine, with some rules to allow a Sergeant to be fielded as a replacement HQ ( again irrelevant as you can field the same LoD unit via the standard marine codex, even using the 5th Ed codex).

    Typically the same applies for every book you mention that's not a standard codex.

    The exception possibly being the Crimson Slaughter book which I have yet to read.
    None of which should be a problem as anyone using said books should have them at the event anyway.

    As I originally stated, I was pointing out the obvious. Liam is the organiser so ultimately it's up to him.
  • I suppose we could have a kill team battle of the editions,where you bring your 3 to 6th
    ed list and see which one wins.Or does in this way madness lie?
  • That could be interesting Ian.
  • I was thinking of this being a friendly tournament with no prizes to see who's edition is stronger.
  • right to make this as diplomatic as possible i will hold a vote the rule set will be ever 2nd or 5th ed everybody get a vote one vote only result will be completed buy 7th of next month to give everybody who want's to vote a chance or we can hold a vote at the club on the 7th note this dosen't count as a meeting it to give the player there say because i don't want people saying well i'd prefer this version and nobody have fun because of the rules
  • Multi edition rules could be a little awkward eg Carnifex in 2nd ed had like str 10 tou 8 2+ save (60pts) now they have str 9 tou 6 3+ save (120pts), reason being that due to apocalypse basically being allowed all the time the stats should reflect correctly to say, in this example, the Bio Titan statline should not be the same as a tiny Canifex. I know u can't use a carnifex in kill team but its just an example of stat and point scaling in 40k. Would be fun to see which one is better but it would be a nightmare for rules etc.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • Sounds fair enough Liam. For card tournaments we run whatever is most popular I don't see wargames having to operate any different. Regardless we need minimum 8 entries to offer prizes.

    If theres enough interest we could run 2 tournaments, after all the tournament budget is currently set to spend £100 more on card events this year.
  • I should also say that its really 6th ed, nobody likes 5th I think!
  • No Tau for 2nd Ed. either.
    Also, there are signs pointing to the next edition of 40k being released towards the end of May, 24th if I recall.
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