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Extraordinary Club meeting Monday 21st April

edited April 2014 in General
We have 2 committee changes pending.

Liam is replacing Jarrod as Tournament Organiser.
Lauren is replacing Liam as Treasurer.

After voting we also have details on the next wargame tournament and UK Games Expo trip.


  • does the pending mean other people can stand for the above positions?
  • Current procedure is we hold elections annually after which it is the responsibility of the committee to cover gaps and bring people in as needed. If the committee fails to find a suitable replacement (or the members vote against a recommended candidate) then the position opens up to all members and we hold elections.

    The committee can also bring people in on a adhoc basis temporarily for specific roles, such as Ian who paints our stuff and provides expertise for the committee.
  • So say someone else tries to stand for one of the above positions, unless the rest of the club agrees then the chosen candidates are the new commitee members
  • I will explain better how the current procedure operates and why.

    When we lose a committee member it places a larger burden on the remaining committee members and so we try to plug the hole quickly to minimise disruption to the running of the society.
    The committee meets and discusses options for candidates who best match the skills required.

    If one is found, we provisionally get them to help out until the position is officially filled. At the meeting we hold a vote to approve them for the position. If the majority vote against then we set a date a few weeks later (12th May in this case) for elections where we vote on any candidates that come forward in the same manner as at the AGM.

    To be clear, Jarrod is quitting because he cannot commit the time needed for TO. Liam also cannot commit the time needed for the treasury.

    The society has experienced a high turnover for the treasurer position. We have had 5 different treasurers since the society was founded. Two of them have quit the club. It's an exhausting role that requires a very high attendance rate, great maths and cash handling skills, time outside of club nights for banking, auditing and cheque handling, and a willingness to sacrifice an hour each night for handling new memberships, taking nightly fees, counting the tin and keeping the accounts in order.
  • I'm looking forward to the new position, and hope I can end the high turnover rate, and also be an asset to the committee and society! And I hope I don't let anyone down :)
  • I would like to apply for the position of Treasurer please.
  • I'd second that, seems fairer ( and somewhat more logical) that one of those who ran for the position originally should at least get an opportunity.

    Also regarding these 'temporary' posts, out of curiosity, how long do they last?
    Just wondering as this is Ian's second year, I believe - distinctively remembering he held a similar role at the Old Vic, in his current position, which was never offered as an option at the last elections.
  • James: Long time no see fella! Does this mean your coming back to club twice a week? Did you get round to auditing the club accounts?

    Malcolm: Ian paints stuff and assembles terrain. A few people have expressed interest helping in the distant past but havent committed themselves. If you're interested in volunteering we have a tonne of scenery that needs repair and we will make you our second club painter. We also sometimes bring him into meetings and make use of his decades of experience and insight.

    With regards to bringing people in when we lose committee members, this is the same process we have used in the past to bring Ryan in to replace Willis, George in to replace Tom the Third, and George again to replace Chris. If the members have their own ideas for the positions they should attend the meeting and vote against the nominated candidates. We can get procedures like this changed at the next AGM.
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