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Tomb kings for Sale

edited March 2014 in Trade and Sell
After a good few bashes with them, I've decided it's time to switch armies. So my Tomb Kings are indeed up for Sale!

A few of the models need a a small amount of TLC or re-glueing but most of it is already painted and based. The painted models were all painted by Ian or myself and I think a couple by Willis so all are painted to a good tabletop standard at least. Altogether there's about 2000 points here so a full army for someone looking to start Tomb Kings, or a good addition to someone who wants a huge horde of dead things!

Lords and Heroes
High Queen Khalida (Painted)
Prince Apophas (Painted)
Tomb king with great weapon x3 (Painted)
Necrotect (Painted)

Core Units
Skeleton Horsemen x8
Skeleton Chariots x3
Skeleton Archers x32 (Painted)

Special Units
Ushabti with great weapons x3
Tomb Guard x10 (Painted)

Rare Units
Screaming Skull Catapult
Necrosphinx (Painted)

Tomb Kings Army Book

Total if bought brand new - £270.00

And for all of this loveliness I am asking for the low price of - £160 (41% off)

Considering that more than half the army is painted I think this is an absolute steal!
Hopefully someone at club can give these guys a good home.

Message me on here or speak to me at club if you're interested!


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