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Necomunda, Malifaux and more

edited March 2014 in Trade and Sell
Having a clear out of unwanted stuff, offering it here before it hits ebay/gumtree etc. All are in good to excellent condition

Open to offers and/or trades ( warmahordes, x-wing and DZC mostly) PM or post if interested.

Necromunda House Escher
x1Leader (painted)
x7 juves (4 painted)
x6 gangers (4 painted)
x2 heavies with Heavy Stubber (1 PiP)
x1 heavy/ganger with plasma gun

Infinity Ariadna - All painted
x1 2nd Irregular Cameronian
Caledonian Highlander sectorial starter box
x1 Highlander cateran

Malifaux - varying degrees of undercoated to PiP
Marcus starter crew ( metal)
x2 lilutu
x1 lelu
x1 Sue
x1 doppleganger

Vampire Counts Army - Varying degrees undercoated to finished. I'd prefer not to split it( but I've not ruled it out).

Latest hardback Armybook
Konrad Von Carstein (metal)
Female Vampire lord on foot ( metal)
Corpse Cart
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
Coven Throne
Mortis Engine
x5 Black knights
x5 Hex Wraiths
x5 Blood Knights ( metal)
x30 Crypt Ghouls
x20 zombies
x50 Skeleton warriors
x10 Dire Wolves
Black Coach (metal)
x20 Grave Guard
Varghulf (metal)


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