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For sale malifaux and hordes circle

edited March 2014 in Trade and Sell
I am thinking of selling my malifaux crews , fate deck and rulebook. I have yet to use them and struggling for opponants so thought I would see if anyone would like them? Cards come with crew and painted to a good table top standard

Lady justice crew ( metal)
Pandora crew ( metal)
Rule book
Fate deck

Also I am contemplating selling my circle faction for warmahordes. All models are well painted and come with stat cards.
Army consists of :

Kaya prime
Kaya epic
5 x skinwalkers with u.a
Winter argus
Warpwolf alpha
Faction deck
Token set.

I dont get much use out of it and thought the funds would be best used elsewhere.

Would like to sell both in bulk if possible.
Post or pm me for prices


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