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Warmachine Khador for sale

edited February 2014 in Trade and Sell
Hi all Selling my Khador faction.Putting this up here before it goes on e-bay P = painted
Solo Manhunter P £3
Prime Sorscha P £3
Prime Butcher P £3
Winter guard unit with UA and Kovnik Joe P £35.00
Winter guard Morter £4
8 Kayazy metal £15
4 Widowmaker P £8
Wardog P £4
5 Man o War Demolation corps metal £20
5 Man o War Shocktroopers P £15
I Behemoth P £20
Token set £3
Man o War Drakhun £15
Juggernaught Old metal P £6
Plastic Destroyer P£10
Plastic Decimator Juggernaught Marauder 1 Warjack p £10
10 Winter guard riflemen £20
Or all the above for £150 open to haggling.


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