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around 5k in Tyranids to sell

edited January 2014 in Trade and Sell
Hi all

Am new to here my good mate Gareth told me about your club and am hoping to get down in the near future, but am posting in here as i am about to get involved in Warmachine. I have a family at home and thus cannot go for something new without selling something (misus) so with 3 40k armies i am selling the nids. I calculated their value and its around £600 worth of nids and am asking for offers around £300 please let me know if your interested.

Hope to see some of you in person soon.


  • You are very welcome to play warmachine at SGC and I am happy to give you a demo or run through of the Warmachine rules.
  • Always good to see new warmachine players, I am very new and it takes some getting used to but its very enjoyable:)
  • Thanks ddmooch and paultattoo I have difficulty getting out too much in the week but am hoping to bob in this week. Just gutted I can't buy the stuff yet am always keen to get into new stuff but this time can't until I sell the nids lol
  • edited January 2014
    Thought i would add more details on this so folks know what they are getting:

    New 2014 Codex Tyranids
    Limited Edition Tyranid Psychic Cards
    1 Deathleaper (metal)
    2 Hive Tyrants (metal)
    2 Mawloc / Trygon
    3 Carnifex
    1 Tervigon Conversion
    2 Tyrant Guard (metal)
    2 Hive Guard (metal)
    9 Tyranid Warriors
    30 Genestealers including 2 Broodlord conversions
    40 Hormagaunts
    66 Termagaunts including 16 with devourers
    20 ish Spore Mines (some metal)
    5 bases of Ripper Swarms

    All base coloured red over a black base coat (should also point out that some of the Termagaunts have a started colour scheme inked and bone chitin and the Tervigon conversion is painted. The Hormagaunts have 2p weights on the bases they never stand up lol)

    Sorry for posting lots of msgs should have put this on in the first place.

    Thanks :)
  • edited January 2014
    Might be interested in the Hormagaunts. They can move 18" in 2nd ed!
  • Thanks for the interest Chris but am hoping to sell as a whole army ready to go. Am willing to go as low as £250 as all the MCs alone come to around £200. They would be great addition if folks fancied expanding an army to Apocalypse sized force ;)
  • Am bobbing in for a bit tonight if that is cool so will bring these along with me incase anyone wants to see them. Gonna watch gareth playing and see what you folks get up to :)
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