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For Sale

edited November 2013 in Trade and Sell
For Sale or trade for unpainted tyranids

Space Marines
1 Landraider basecoated death wing
1 old style predator
6 ravenwing bikes
20 marines DV
10 marines AOBR
10 terminators DW
5 terminators AOBR
All characters and Special Edition DV
1 Dreadnought AOBR

3 stealth suits
1 commander shadowsun
12 fire warriors
1 devilfish
1 hammerhead/skyray
1 forgeworld crisis suit
Mix of gun drones

Chaos Space Marines
1 Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines
6 Chosen and Lord DV
1 fine cast Abaddon
1 fine cast Chaos Lord with Jump Pack still on sprues

9 metal alternative gangers
8 plastic house Goliath gangers


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