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Protectorate of Menoth for sale/trade

edited October 2013 in Trade and Sell
Righty, decided to get shut of my Menoth stuff. Remaining is;

5 Exemplar cinerators. Big knights, tough, hit hard, make heathens burst into flames. I've done a minor conversion job and replaced their rubbish swords with nice shiney axes :]
Also have two units of zealots. Mostly a meat shield, but they're cheap, their hand grenades pack a whallop and with a Monolith Bearer (of which I have one) they can become indestructable for a turn.
One Reclaimer. Gains soul tokens every time one of my guys dies (a zealot for example), and can give them to a warjack to use as focus. Handy that.
Two units of Idrian Skirmishers (though John at Space, Myth has first call one one), both with unit attachments. Combined ranged attack, extra defense bonuses from cover, and with the UA they gain combined melee attack, can shoot before charging into combat and further bonuses when they attack their chosen prey.
A Vassal mekanick. All in the name really, fixes damaged warjacks.
Allegant of the Order of the Fist. Kung Fu monk, runs around and beats the snot out of stuff, handy for chasing off those annoying little solos or going hunting.
Heirophant. Attaches to a warcaster, can heal, increase spell range or reduce spell cost. Cheap and cheerful addon.
Vassal of Menoth. Useful for buffing warjacks. Can give them an extra attack, move or blast somebody with magic.
One Vanquisher Heavy Warjack. Has a big cannon with a large blast and a nasty sweeping attack too, a real infantry killer, benefits from the Vassal.
One crusader heavy warjack. A generic heavy jack, powerful in close combat and also very cheap for a heavy jack.
One Revenger class light warjack. another close combat jack, but comes with an arc node thatyour warcasters can cast their spells through. Slightly converted so it can also be used as the character Jack, Blessing of Vengeance who works extremely well with Grand Scrutator Severius.
One repenter Class Light Warjack. Has a flail, a flame thrower, and is another cheap and cheerful addition to the armoury.
Next item is another conversion work, due to one arm breaking. A light warjack, can be used as a Valiant, very cheap with two large shields making it tougher than most heavy jacks, or a Redeemer, which carries a multiple rocket launcher for very long range artillery.
Vice Scrutator Vindictus, a very decent warcaster. A good feat, damages anybody who damages a friendly model, good range of spells, works well with infantry.
High Exemplar Kreoss, a good all round warcaster, plentiful focus for casting and powering jacks, decent feat, knocks all the heathens down, great for a big charge turn.
High Allegant Amon Ad Raza, good warjack caster, can give his jacks pathfinder (ignore terrain) and +2 speed, makes for a good assassin too, but tricky to use, another caster that has to build up for a big turn.
Grand Scrutator Severious, excellent warcaster. Great range of spells, offense and defense, loads of focus, one of the best in the game. Only down side, he's a bit fragile.

So there you have it, PM me or find me at club on Mondays if you're interested in anything.
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