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Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament!

edited October 2013 in Trading Card Games
Ok, for a while now I have said I am going to run a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament and it is finally going to happen :).

I have bought a huge job lot of old cards off the internet and these are going to be fairly semi randomised into a certain number of packs depending on the number of players.

The tournament will take one/two evenings and every entrant will receive one box of these semi randomised cards and there deck for the tournament must be made up entirely of cards found in these boxes only! I cannot stress this enough as some people have much better decks than others like me who have no cards whatsoever. This is how the tournament will be as fair as possible.

After people have made their decks there will be one practise game before the tournament begins. I am wanting to run the tournament on Monday 4th November, starting at 6:30.

No entry fee of course but equally there will not be any prizes as you get to keep the cards that you are given for the tournament. (The usual prize fund for a card tournament has been spent on buying the cards.)

Hopefully plenty of people will join in!
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