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Monday Night Clash

edited July 2013 in Trading Card Games
Posted this on the FB page this morn, but thought I'd drop it here too:

Scarborough Games SOCIETY, people! Instead we've factioned off and are fighting over who gets what when - its ridiculous >_<

So, another Pokemon tourney? That's fine, though I thought the games were taking turns...? My suggestion is this; double the Vanguard prize fund OR run 2 Vanguard tourneys. Then, run another MTG. That way, these 3 games have had 2 tourneys-worth each. Then, obtain a calendar and work out a rota around set releases etc, that way there can be no arguments etc. Start from scratch and give each game equal treatment. Yes, there are more Vanguard players but we're all one club, so let's act like it... (And very few actually care about YGO anymore, as far as I can tell)

In regards to Vanguard getting extra events through SMM, that has NO bearing on SGS - they are independent events paid for by the players and SMM. They also run MTG events you are able to attend.

It was brought to my attention that it is thought to be 'my fault' that Vanguard had been neglected... I admit I have not been as active a committee as I could have, but I am not psychic - could players please let me know what they would like me to put forward, in future, as I dont wish to decide things for you.

Thanks! ^_^


  • my though was after the last meeting we had at club you and ryan were alteranting between the four main game's and yes yugiho is less popular at the club as late but that's because the younger game's haven't been for a while so if ryan's doing pokemon ths month you do cfv next and then let ry do one
  • This is what I'm saying - have the Pokemon one, then do Vanguard, then rota them so they happen alternatively on a monthly basis
  • Exactly. I've noticed this-we all pay membership and club fees, and it doesn't get spent on Vanguard and things. We should alternate, sure, but to have another Pokémon tourney when the majority of us don't play it often anymore and we're still waiting for a vanguard one just isn't fair. And Lee's right-the SMM ones have nothing to do with SGS (and they don't just do Vanguard there anyway).
  • This seems to be a growing issue really, The club does seem to have split, and you have different people requesting different tournaments at the same time, and to be fair prizes are based on players in the tourney, so there is no reason why you can't have two tournaments almost at the.same time and not work well.
  • Except when someone wants to play in both...
  • Yes that is an issue, I'm simply saying that financially there is no reason why they can't happen as regularly as this.
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