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YGO Tournament - old cards?

edited June 2013 in Trading Card Games
When thinking about the YGO tournament we shall run (hopefully soon) George brought up the idea of gathering a bundle of old/original cards and running an almost-draft format...

I think this would be great as it avoids all the broken cards/combos rife out there these days, whilst also encouraging some of the older players who have given up/newer players to join in too! ^_^

Firstly, do the other forum peeps think this would be a good idea?

Secondly, who/where do we get cards from? I know Jamie said he had a load, but what if its not enough?



  • ebay sometimes get some older box on/ bundel packs of older cards
  • every now and then a large bundle of old cards goes on ebay, thats what gave me the inspiration!
  • The only problem with running a draft from a bundle of old cards is there are a lot of cards that really don't work on their own, and if peoples decks are built out of random cards then doesn't that take the fun out of it a little?
  • The point of draft is exactly that.

    You take a regular card pool. (Ie. Boosters). You draft, and try to make a strong deck.

    It promotes the skill of deckbuilding and playing said deck, over the skill of owning the strongest deck. Something which seems highlighted by your last MTG tournament, and the guys who showed up out of the blue to take all the prizes.
  • Right, these people who showed up 'out of the blue' had been turning up for a month before the tournament, and I never said anything about booster drafts, I said it would be a bad idea to draft from a random pile of cards.
  • edited July 2013
    Luckily I said DRAFT. And gave boosters as an example of a draft pool.

    It is not a bad idea to draft from a preopened pool of cards.

    As for the guys who turned up to win your tournament. Beyond giving you a simple "I told you it would happen", I don't much care. I simply know what was posted on here, which was that the guys turned up purely for the tournament.
  • Which isn't true, they'd been at the club all the time since they'd got back from the club, this farce has all been made been made because one fuckin person complained about the tournament, they wouldn't've said anything if they'd won, it's just a bad loser making a bad excuse, may I point out the other 8 players were more than happy with proceedings at the tournament.
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