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Magic Tournament 10 June

edited June 2013 in Trading Card Games
The date for the first of our monthly card tournaments is June 10th. Games begin from 7.


  • edited June 2013

    Legacy, Vintage, Modern or Standard? Draft, Sealed or Constructed? Swiss or Elimination? Final cut or not? Sanctioned or not? Head judge? Rules Enforcement Level? Entry fee? Prize pool? Prize breakdown?

    People need to know the details so they know what to bring, and how hard they can cheat :P
  • well the rules on cards would be 60 cards and you can use anything thats post white border cards (i think thats 2006) im using a league system for the opening rounds and a knockput for quarters onwards. its not snactioned, thrres no entry fee except normal club fee, also im sorting the prizes when thrres a clear idea on number of players :)
  • 9th Edition was Mid 2006. That probably means Kamigawa isnt legal, but Ravnica is.

    Without wanting to sound rude, what on earth is a league system with a knockout for quarters?

    With both things you need to be VERY clear on what you mean. Having access to certain cards may drastically warp your tournament. You're currently running Modern format, minus the first two blocks. Modern is typically played with decks of a value of £300+ and contains heaps of infinite combos.

    Someone could easily borrow something entirely degenerate from their local storekeeper and win your tournament hands down :) (He could even turn up himself to take all your prizes...)
  • right therell be groups of 4 where all players in the groups play each other, 2 points for a win 0 for loss, the 2 highest scorers in each group will go through to next round (depending on numbers, it will be the quarter finals) where each match up plays a best of 3. winner goes through, loser doesnt. it just limits the chanve of people being knocked out due to bad draws.
  • plus these tournaments are set up purely as a friendly competition, the same goes for the tournament set up, i trust the players enough to spot someone whose cheating or not.
  • being a keen magic player I would have loved to join in but its a bit short notice in order to make sure I can make it due to shift patterns at work:(
    but if its gonna be a regular thing, let me know and I will give it a go!
  • therell be a magic tournament every other month and a pokemon tournament in the other month. hopefully you can play the next one! :-)
  • That sounds good to me, give, me chance to get my game up to standard, am a very casual player and dont get play as much as I like:(
    keep me posted as you get details and if you see me at the club and fancy a few games, give me a shout:)
  • thatd be great :-) ill keep an eye out, if ypu need help with your deck as well id be more than happy to help out.
  • cheers for the offer, I seem to be doing ok deck building kinda, learning what works through playing and swapping cards in/out.
    Always trying new things and just got a good selection of the new dragons maze stuff so got to get to work on improving my existing decks and a constructing new ones:)
  • Good to see plenty of magic players at the club on monday:)
    Next time the tournament comes round I will try and get down in time to enter.
    Am interested in what sort of deck was the winner running?
  • It was an enchantment based deck, very very fast and not much could be done about it, he might be at the club next monday :)
  • Sounds interesting, would like to see that up and running, I should be at the club on monday and hopefully get a few games of magic in:)
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