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Selling stuff

edited September 2012 in General
Anyone in the market for any of the following before i throw it on Ebay:

Warhammer 40k 6th edition pocket-sized rulebook with blast markers/flame template, quick start guide and reference sheets - this is from the Dark Vengeance boxed set. Brand new, still in shrink wrap.

Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elves:
Looking to get rid of it as a whole army

 x20 Warriors, x20 repeaters, x20 Corsairs, x10 Cold on Knights, x2 Reaper Bolt throwers, 1 Hydra, 1 Dreadlord on Dragon (high elf dragon kit), x10 executioners ( metal inc. full command), x2 Supreme Sorceress figs., Lokhir Fellheart (metal), Assassin ( metal), 1  witch elf banner bearer( metal, i use it as a BSB) - All models are in excellent condition with most being well painted though some still need basing. I'll throw in a partially painted Cauldron of Blood ( minus the witch elves at this time) and the Army book too.
I might also include my Dreadlord on Dark pegasus conversion, but it's sword is broke and i've not sourced a replacement yet

I can provide pictures or bring to the club if you want to look it over.
If anyones interested send me a PM

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