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Cardfight Vanguard - Sneak Peek Weekends and other stuff.

Further to talking to some of the CFV players on monday (and tuesday in store), I've booked sneak peek days for the next two CFV sets.

The cost looks to be about £13.75 a head, and the dates are Feb 16th and March 23rd. (Both saturdays) beginning at 12.00 and will be run in store.

I'll be updating the store page on facebook with info as I work through it. So go "like" the page if you want a feed.

Secondary to this I've been talking to Willis, (as he was in store at the right time) about organising you guys some regular organised play. There are options for providing both saturday tournaments in the shop, or some sort of week night deal at the club. (Saturdays are much easier for me to organize, since I have proper card tables and prize support stored in the shop, but I'm flexible.)

Further to these two things, I'm also looking for someone who'd like to be responsible for running anything on a weeknight on nights I'm not able to make it down, and/or to help me out on those sneak peek days. (In case rules conflicts come up, etc.) Feel free to vote on that if you can't decide. :)

And, a final one. If someone wants to volunteer the time to come in store with two decks and show me how to play properly. (Having watched the demo "videos" I'm still not entirely certain). I shall find you a suitable reward. One person only.

Equally if anyone at the club has any requests or suggestions with regard to any of this. Please do contact me.
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