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X-wing Destruction Derby Monday 7th March

Buckle in for the next Destruction Derby, scrapyard edition!

The order of the day is customisation and the scrapyard is filled with bits. Like the TIE Interceptor title, all starfighters entering the arena may have 2 different modification cards. This means you can combine mods such as auto thrusters and engine upgrade, munitions failsafe and experimental interface, or anti pursuit lasers and ion projector.

There are no Advanced cloaking devices in the scrapyard so this mod is not available. Interceptors can't get 3 mods either.
You have 38 points to spend
Large based ships are allowed
The following is outlawed from the arena - R2-D2, R5-P9, Lone Wolf, c-3po

Up for grabs is the alternate art Dash Rendar card, donated by Toytoyjac our local board game store.

Kick-off is 7pm on Monday 7th.

Coming up next time: Bombs away....


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