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Bolt Action Boot Camp

Morning all.

I have a most of us weather or not it comes to light will be a different matter.

After our Xmas break I would like anyone that hasn't got a bolt action army or is in the process of building one to come and play with me! Aren't I nice :)

I will provide the minis, the dice, the rules and hopefully some of my knowledge for you to enjoy lol

I will be down every Thursday all being well. Each week you can choose a force which I will build to expand your knowledge of the game and mine.
No week will be the same, one week perhaps you will have inexperienced Hitler youth the next a US Tank army or maybe my newly built Brandenburgers list. Roughly 500 points to keep it nice and simple.

I invite anyone to have a go. Brothers, daughters, mothers, uncles, I will even teach kids. Don't worry I'm nice really. Just fancy getting some new players into it.

Let me know on here or at the club



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