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edited November 2015 in Wargames
As some of you may have heard tonight the bolt action tournament is being moved forward and will take place on Thursday November 12th.
The format for the tournament will be as follows:
You have a total of 1000 points to spend on your army.
Games will be limited to the standard 2 hours.
We shall be playing 6 scenarios from the rulebook.
Your battle opponents will be completely randomised and drawn from a hat as we go along.
Lists are to be handed in on the night please by 6:50pm (if I don't have it in time you will not play).
We have a 7pm start time for the first battle.

Points will be awarded as follows.
Win = 3 points
Draw = 2 points
Loss = 1 point
Please keep a record of the amount of units you lose in each battle as these numbers will be needed in the case of a tie.

If you have any questions please come and speak to me on Monday evening or PM me on here.



  • Hey guys and girls. Just a quick reminder that all armies must adhere to the rules set out in the Bolt Action rulebook and must include:

    1 lieutenant (1st or 2nd)
    2 infantry squads
    0-3 infantry squads
    0-1 captain or major
    0-1 medic
    0-1 foo (British free observer is only exception)
    0-1 mmg
    0-1 morter
    0-1 sniper
    0-1 flamethrower
    0-1 anti tank team
    0-1 field artillery, aa or at gun
    0-1 armoured car
    0-1 tank, tank destroyer, anti aircraft vehicle or self propelled artillery
    0-1 transport vehicle or tow (soft skins or armoured) PER infantry and artillery units in the reinforced platoon

    Don't forget that all lists must be in by 6:50pm and adhere to the rulings for you to be included in the tournament.
  • I may not be able to make it before 7. Just leave me, save yourselves...
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