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Anybody up for a game of 40k sometime?

My army is 30k but it works the same as long as my opponent doesn't mind. I haven't played a game for a very long time lol


  • I'm afraid the last current version I played was 5th edition, and I only really have the resources to play 2nd edition these days. But I'm always up for a game of 2nd ed!
  • I guess we could come up with some rules for sons of horus for 2nd. I could send you a pdf with Thier units in if your up for it :) I wouldn't know what to change myself
  • There's a couple of things like rapier crews. volkite calivers in supports squad. And a magna melta demios predator. And cataphractii terminators that should cost a couple of points more since they have 2+4++. Other than that it's basically the exact same as normal 40k marines
  • Oh there's horus himself also but he counts as a warlord
  • Should be feasible. 2e has rules for rapiers and crew. It uses demios preds and the magna melta is apparently a demolisher cannon with a 9" buff. Termies could be 2+ instead of 3+ on 2D6. Don't know much about volkite weaponry range but seems S5 -2save doubles unsaved wounds seems about right.
  • OK here's my take, :-)

    Volkite Serpenta (8 points)
    Range: 10" Strength:5 Save: -1 Pistol

    Volkite Charger (15 points)
    Range: 15" Strength:5 Save: -1 Basic, sustained fire (1 Die)

    Volkite Caliver (25 points)
    Range: 30" Strength:6 Save: -1 Heavy, sustained fire (1 Die), move or fire

    Volkite Culverin (35 points)
    Range: 45" Strength:6 Save: -1 Heavy, sustained fire (2 Dice) move or fire

    Special Rules:
    Whenever a model is killed by a Volkite weapon. place a 1 1/2" blast marker over the dead model. Any model hit by the blast will be affected as if hit by a flamer, including being set alight.
  • I don't know what sustained fire is but this is looking good :). What weapons on the rapiers in 2e? I've got a graviton cannon , laser rapier and a quad heavy bolter. I'll have to look for the point costs for everything then might be able to have a game sometime soon :)
  • Rapiers were weapons on their own. They are crewed by servitors, but I think the forge world ones have 2 Marines? So 65 points, minus 15 for the servitor, plus 60 for 2 Marines makes 110 points for a Heresy era Rapier Laser Destroyer.
    The quad Heavy Bolters cost 60 points, plus 60 for the 2 Marines. Not sure the chassis should cost anything really (a tarantula chassis costs 20 points, but can move and fire...) so 120 points will do.
    There were no Graviton cannons in 2nd ed, but normal Graviton guns were 40 points. If we up the range to 30" and increase the blast from 1" to 2", I think 95 points should do. Plus 60 for the crew makes 155 points.
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