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What's your favourite board game?

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I've loved and loathed lots of games over the years, but the one I've enjoyed the most is Risk 2210. It combines the basic rules of Risk with the added tactical choices of commanders who use D8s, water and space territories, nuclear bombs, diplomatic peace strategies, and a cool bidding mechanic to fight for turn order. The pleasure of taking out my friends on the final turn is always satisfying =)


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    Having not played many "proper" board games in my life (I say proper in quotation marks as I think 99% of boardgamers would consider monopoly to not be a proper board game and I have only dabbled in  a bit of hero quest in recent years) I have to admit I truly enjoyed what I would consider my introduction to proper board gaming. I played a game of Arkham Horror. At first everything seemed a bit confusing; there were so many different counters and new rules for me to have to get my head around and as I consider myself primarily a wargamer the idea of not having to measure anything baffled me! However, after spending a few turns asking what I had to do next I started to truly get into the swing of things, I was blasting daemons and closing gates left right and centre with my trusty .18 derringer (I say this but what actually happened is we got overran by daemons with gates opening left right and centre and ended up facing off against Hastur, to which I believe we all went completely insane!) In all honesty I can safely say my introduction to proper boardgaming was an all out fascinating discovery of fast paced action which I would recommend to anyone who would like to get into board gaming! (Unless you hate getting munched by daemons!)  
  • Betrayal at House on the hill is epic fun and no 2 games are ever the same. I could write an essay about how it works but it's easier to read this :
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    Zombies is epic! you have to work together all the way until the end because only one person can leave on the helicopter. Its a mix between Left 4 dead and heroquest and with more players it becomes a backstabbing fest!
  • DOOM! That is a great game!

    My girlfriend taught me to play settlers recently and I enjoyed that a lot. Can't beat risk though! It's not a true bored game unless it goes on for at least half a day...
  • Favourite board game has to be Arkham Horror!! Its the best co-op RPG Game I have ever played, Its got monsters, gates, money, weapons and a really great vibe of working together. I have racked up a total of 153 games of Arkham so far and I am still not board (hehe board) of it :)  
  • Jess you need to seek professional help :P
  • I loved dugeon quest as  was getting into gaming.

    been reading alot about runebound, memoir 44 , arkham asylum and numerous others and would love to play some more down at the club.

    Be gggod to just turn up and join in a game:)

  • Right now?  Gotta be good old Hero Quest!  So simple and easy to play. yet so much room to play and random antics!
  • Almost everything mentioned is on my to buy, or bought list. We are truly living in a golden age for board games =)

  • Paul Tattoo - Memoir 44 is good, a well balanced game.

    But what about the "golden oldies"?

    Diplomacy, always a good way to start an argument.

    Kingmaker, a novel way to learn British geography.

    For the really old choices, Waddington's Campaign, or even the Battle series (Balaclave, Little Big Horn, etc).


  • Another old boardgame worth looking for

    TSR Buck Rogers.

    Quite a novel game as it is probably the only SF game I've seen where you need to take planetary orbits into account. Each planet has a playing piece that moves around the sun, so you need to allow for that when moving spaceships etc.

    Star Wars fans might like the Queens Gambit. A 3 section game based on the invasion of Naboo, 3 sections being the palace (Queen, jedi & guards vs droids & sith), space (fighters vs Trade Federation) and plains of Naboo (Gungans vs droids). Has 2 decks of cards & 155 playing pieces.

  • I have a Lord of the Rings edition of Risk, never been played though ( never played risk myself but the wife swears by it).
  • oh you have to bring that in at some point! Risk, but Lord of the Rings! How have i not played this yet!
  • George, it was one of the things I had on sale that week... Ana got it off me for a tenner :P
  • i think it was called shogun but it gose under many names
  • Betrayal at house on the hill is awesome.
    All players start on the same team until a trigger is met then one is randomly transformed (possession, turned into a werewolf etc) and becomes the bad guy with a secret mission. The other players equaly have a mission to achieve, usually together and its a race to see who pulls it off first.
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